Replacement for Waterfree Urinals

The easiest and most effective way to keep your waterfree urinal cleaner and

significantly reduce costly maintenance problems.


Our patented Cartridge System, allows the natural flow

of urine through the trap, and renews the liquid seal with each use.


Every time the urinal is used the liquid seal is renewed,

getting rid of old urine in the system.

• Eliminate bad odors

• Eliminate costly oem cartridges

• No costly gels

• Save money


Meets plumbing requirements: • ASME 112.19.2-2008  • CSA B45.1-08 CERAMIC PLUMBING FIXTURE

Corporate Headquarters United States

7656 Las Positas Road, Livermore, CA.  94551


Phone 925-371-1277

About Us

We are a company created to provide world-class hygiene product solutions for high traffic public facilities. We develop, manufacture, market and distribute innovative, cutting edge earth friendly products.

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